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With the passage of time marketing strategies has changed completely. Today’s marketing is all about building profitable customer relationships and creating customer value. The 6th edition of principles marketing is much more effective, interesting and more enjoyable than ever. This book demonstrate students how to create customer value and driving an effective marketing strategy.  The 6th edition is detailed review about the modern trends in marketing, with the new coverage of digital media marketing and social media. It also includes the quickly changing nature of customer relationships with both brands and companies and the tools that marketers use to produce great consumer involvement. 

This book is written by Philip Kotler and he is considered as the father of modern marketing, teaches us very significant lessons that can be practically applicable to your digital strategy.  

Main features of principal of marketing 6th edition 

Some main features of this book are as follows: 

  • Each chapter in this book is introduced with the help of graphical concept map. The chapters and topics in this book are discussed in details with the help of real life examples and case studies. 
  • Each chapter in this book comprises at least one marketing in action which shows the researches into the real marketing practices that is done by small and large companies. 
  • At the end of the each chapter there is a summary that reviews the main concepts of chapter and then it links to the main objective of the chapter. 
  • At the end of each chapter there is discussion about critical marketing strategies and critical thinking questions. 
  • Chapter key terms were also listed according to order of appearance with easy reference and page number facilities. 
  • There is appendix 1 and appendix 2 at the end of the book, appendix 1 delivers you with a complete overview to principles of marketing 6e financial procedures that help to guide, evaluate and support marketing, whereas appendix 2 includes a sample of marketing strategy that supports you to apply vital marketing planning theories. 

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