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vinyl plank flooring perth

Vinyl is considered to be one of the most popular and highly demanded floorings. It does not require much maintenance and is quite long lasting. Moreover, it is inexpensive and is resistant to water. Different advancement has been made and now it comes in different shades and varieties.



 Before intending to buy any type of flooring, it is always better to consider the advantages and its setbacks. Some of the pros and cons of vinyl are as follows:



  • Vinyl flooring does not require more efforts in installation. One can easily do it oneself without any professional’s need. Vinyl flooring used to come in the form of large sheet, now they come in the form of tiles which makes it convenient to get installed without the help of saw or hammer.


  • Vinyl flooring Perth prices are inexpensive and affordable. It costs around $2 and $5 per square foot and installation charges are also included in it. Even its luxury form also is inexpensive as compared to wooden floors. Moreover, they are low maintenance; i.e., one does not have to invest a lot in taking care of it and cleaning it. People with low budget should go for it.


  • Vinyl flooring has beautiful and intricate design and texture. Ranging from wood-like finishes to hand-scrapped version, every design is available nowadays.



  • Once Vinyl’s flooring sticks to the floorboard, it cannot be removed easily. The glue with which it is attached is too hard to remove. However, removing it does not require professional tools or the help of professionals, all it needs is an elbow grease.


  • The quality of vinyl flooring is not very consistent. Even the top brands like Shaw, Armstrong, Mannington, lumber, and Karndesn do not offer consistent quality.


  • Thinner vinyl gets damaged very easily. One should prefer sheets of thickness about 2mm to 8mm. Thicker ones offer cushioning and more stability.


  • The vinyl produced in 1980s contain asbestos which is linked with different diseases. However, floors having no cracks do not release asbestos. One has to worry about it when there are patches and cracks.

How to clean Vinyl

In order to clean vinyl, do not use scrubs, pads, detergent, waxes, solvents or any other material that can possibly damage floor. Instead of it, use dry mops, vacuum to remove dust. One can also use solutions made at home to clean the floor. One can also hire commercial cleaners too; however, one should make sure that whoever one is hiring is apt at his job.