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Now a day people are more into online business rather than having proper outlet in fact those people have their shops they are selling their stuff online because people more like to shop online because it is so convenient for them just to give order on a single message or phone call in few days they will get their order on their doorstep, it reduces the cost of conveyance because we will the things which we want at home and it reduces the cost of extra expenses which we do if we go out to shop one thing we end up buying two or three extra things, online shopping reduce extra shopping expense. Online shopping is convenient for people who don’t have much time. For example, if you are a working lady and you have one toddler, taking out time from your busy schedule would not possible for you if anyone gives you two options either to go out and shop or sit home and do online shopping? What will you do? You always go for online shopping because it is more relaxing. If you are running an online business you need to promote your business and you want maximum people to know about your business. 

Grab customers:

You need to focus on the customers who give orders to you by giving them good customers services so that if they want the same thing so they will contact you. Petal & co run an online business of the flower basically they are online florist they provide the best customer service that people are spreading good word of mouth about the company which increases the selling of the company. If you are running an online business and if people starting giving good word of mouth about your online business it will make your business successful and give you more customers like petal & co.

Social media:

Social media is one the biggest platform where you can advertise your business and make it known among people because more than half of the world use social media and social media platform is the biggest opportunity for the beginners because it reduces the cost of the advertisement. Petal & co you may find them on social media, they can take orders from social media as well. If you want to place an order for flower bouquet they can deliver it on your address.


There are many ways if you seriously want to work on it like petal & co, they are the online florist who sells beautiful flowers bouquet, they have a huge variety of flowers and they collect the box of roses around the world just to satisfy the customers.