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decorate your house for Halloween

Decorating your house when you are arranging a Halloween party is always fun to do. Halloween party dress up and decoration is something in which all the members of a family are equally engaged. It is not necessary that you always buy new decorating stuff. You can use old Christmas decorations or extra Christmas party supplies that are left from your previous party shop based in sutherland shire . Here is how you can decorate your house for Halloween. 

Entrance of your house:

The entrance of your home will be the first impression that your visitors will get of your home. We usually forget the impact that how much this can have when we are decorating for the seasons.

Specialized Halloween display:

This part can be the most interesting in your overall decorations. You can make the most of it by simply creating a special and different display of Halloween set on a small table. You can also  go with this same concept in the overall decoration of your house, even by adding spooky lights that are easily available at stores.

Special effect by animated items:

You can add instant festivity by special effects using animated Halloween figures and can add a spice to a boring entrance table. You can make these figures to move, and add some sound effects to make it look scary and interesting.

Decorating the living room:

This is the place where you and your family or your guests are going to spend most of the time, so this place must be the most interesting one. To decorate the rooms use most of your Halloween decor ideas as you have to spend your time here.

Halloween curtains:

Halloween is all about creating a different, interesting and scary look. To add a scary and frightening touch, you can add skulls as tie-backs to your curtains to add a ghostly and scary touch to your room. These garlands are easily available at many stores.

Candy bowls:

Halloween is all about candy and this is the thing that attracts the kids most. You can display candy corn and other beautifully themed candy in a specially decorated bowls for a tasty touch.


You can turn your yard into a graveyard with the use of tombstones made from cheap foam board and a little paint. You can paint them with the idea that comes in your mind to make them look scary and spooky.

Animated items:

As we have discussed entrance is the part that catches your visitors eyes at first, you can add an interesting look with animated Halloween items in front of your door. Since gaining admiration in the recent years, these items are justly reasonable. Sometimes these characters are moveable or speak, but don’t forget that smaller children are often frightened by these.

With the help of these ideas, you can easily make halloween party dress up and decoration in your house, by getting imaginative and see what mysterious surprises you can generate.