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There are moments in your life where you just want to back away from the frustrating process of taking care of the little details of the vacation that you are deciding to take. But with how the ECO resorts Samoa at Samoa are providing all inclusive vacation deals and packages, you just need to sit back, relax and get excited for the perfect vacation.  

There is no need for calculating on how much money you are spending food, shopping, transport etc. Because the resorts go as far as offering you to pay just one bill for all of these things by the end of your trip. For food lovers, many of these packages also include all you can eat buffets. For couples; couples massage and a romantic candle light dinner at the beach. For a family or group of friends; fun and adventurous sports activities and music festivals.

So here is a list of the good surf resort in Samoa which are offering the best deals that you can take a look at while planning your next vacation:

Aga Reef Resort: Discount price of $1545 per adult for 7 nights.

 Sanalei Reef Resort & Spa: Discounted price of $1695 per adult for 7 nights.

 Taumeasina Island Resort: Ranging from $1200 to $1800 for adults with children under 12 completely free.

Levasa Resort: Same range, includes complimentary free water sports activities and bicycling as well.

Saletoga Sands Resort: Gives 30% after five nights.

Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa: Givers 44% off after three nights and also free snorkeling and other sports activities.
All of the above mentioned packages have free breakfast and also either complimentary watersports and spa days which make the entire experience even more worthwhile for travelers as they do not have to worry about the further extra cost of the activities that usually just adds to the bill later on. These are just a few examples of many resorts of Samoa and the packages that they offer. What makes the experience of tourists at Samoa even better is that most of these hotels are either at the beach or very near it.

For the honeymooners or couples, most of them even offer a direct entry for the white sand beaches so you and your partner can have the perfect romantic vacation that you always dreamed of and let’s not forget the fact that you will be achieving this dream at a considerably low price. And for the family or friends, you can even book a cruise with your friends and family through your resort. And you can do snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, bicycling and so much more at a discounted price or even in certain packages, entirely free! It’s a win for everyone.